TSspeedbooster Software - Enterprise Edition


SBSCC TSspeedbooster is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to Windows Terminal Services or Citrix. You can make any windows application a web-based application and it enables you to s ...

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Company SBSCC
The Ship


Detailed history of each ship, from purchase to saleRecord every moment in a ship's history with your companyMinutely detailed and easy-to-understand financial history of each ship and your group flee ...

Company Seaxl Marine Software Limited


TMSA Manager is a simple user friendly tool that handles TMSA reports auto-imported from the OCIMF csv file. Data is processed in order to be readable printable stored loaded compared or pre-calcu ...


Tide height prediction made easy


Software On SaleEvery Tool You Will Ever Need To Run Your Web Site And Make Stupid Money!


Software On SaleAutomatic HTML Email Creation Software.


Software On SaleSoftware Development Programming and Customization for AutoCAD.


Software Solutions. Marine database management Includes inventory/worth maintenance contract and task management addresses purchase orders running logs bookkeeping reminders user friendly ro ...


Software Solutions


Free Brokerage software for Chartering and Sale and Purchase. Version 2 is more powerful with mail analysis. To receive cargo information vessel positions or announcements you do not have to be a m ...


Highly effective crew planning and management moduleVessel operations management module that handles all the routine day to day operational data Crew and Vessel document validity tracker moduleVessel ...



The Fleet is a powerful easy to use and user-friendly software suite. The Fleet consist of four tightly integrated modules: Fleet Operations Fleet Documents Fleet Scheduler Fleet Personnel.


ThreatLogix is the source for updating maritime threat assessments and complying with the ISPS Code mandate. Its objective is to provide your CSO with an interpretive analysis of the threat assessment ...