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Seaxl Marine Software Ltd.

Seaxl Marine Software develops inexpensive and practical management reporting software designed specifically for the needs of shipping companies.Ready-to-use tools tailored for shipping such as CashFl ...

Company Seaxl Marine Software Limited
Masters General Account

A new MGA program with less paperwork and admin for your Masters, better Portage Bills. No more agonising about the Dreaded Portage Bill. Seaxl

The Ship

Detailed history of each ship, from purchase to saleRecord every moment in a ship's history with your companyMinutely detailed and easy-to-understand financial history of each ship and your group flee ...

Company Seaxl Marine Software Limited
Invest in Ships

The most powerful shipping investment toolAssess any shipping project quickly with multiple scenario options including break-even analysis, ROI, financing and much more

Company Seaxl Marine Software Limited
Seaxl CashFlow

Assess quickly and accurately, favourable deals that cross your desk, to fit into your overall fleet cashflows. See how they play with all of your other obligations and commitments such as loan commi ...