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Test users knowledge of International Code Flags Beginners Morse and Advanced Morse. Includes extremely realistic classroom mock exam

This CD ROM is the cheapest way to study for USCG merchant marine exams for Captains and Mates. The software allows you to take unlimited practice exams randomly choosing questions from the database t ...

Wheelhouse poster detailing Collision Regulations and IRPCS

The Seamanship Notes book is designed to provide straightforward help to cadets by summarising the key sections of the Seamanship Syllabus for Deck Officers in a clear and concise manner.

Ships Stability Software for Class 4/OOW SQA examinations. All aspects of Ship Stability are covered from basic principles to practical onboard calculations

Ship Stability for Mates/Masters - Book Released Nov 2003 All the information on the CD Rom brought together in a 400page book. This book aims to be the leading work on Ship Stability

Why not have the advantage of both the book and the CD Rom in one package saving you

This new software package deals with Ship Stability for the Mates/Masters (Class 2/1) Scotvec Ship Stability written papers. The CD ROM recaps on key elements of the OOW syllabus and builds on that in ...

Contains questions illustrations exam publications reference library update utility and more.