Based on the European Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF), DanaosONE™ is a professional B2B versatile e-servicing Platform that seamlessly integrates with your internal operational, safety systems &am ...


CommunicationPerson to Person direct connect up in between users share and exchange information search download and chat with this peer to peer (P2P) software.

Supports full internet functions of send/receive email. Analyse email into cargo/vessel/tc/snp. Mass Mailer A nti-Spam. Comparing with Outlook may save time upto 60%.

E-mail to Fax Ship to Shore E-mail to Telex Fax to Email Shore to Ship Telex to E-mail

CommunicationRoadPal GPS hire at just

Communication. Manufacturers of data solutions software designed to reduce time and money over satellite and GSM communications by compression full duplex least cost routing

Marine electronic equipment at a discount price. We also provide repair service. FCC and GMDSS Licensed